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Oakes Club Lambs Online Sale - Monday, April 23, 2018 HORSE RACE STYLE CLOSING FORMAT FOR THIS SALE! Bidding is open from April 22nd at 8:00 PM EST until April 23rd at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST.

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Ear Tag:1865
DOB:Feb 14
Sex:Ram / Wether
Terms:Must bring a minimum of $3500 to remain intact as a ram.
Sire:Gambino (Arms Race x Honey Badger)
Dam:Crown Royal
Notes/ Comments:The job that Gambino has done in his freshman year here is nothing short of spectacular. Everyone that stops by the farm is impressed with his ability to sire powerful lambs that still have the look to get your attention. This creature is a prime example. Sometimes the hardest part is finding the combination that works. Well I found it. Gambino x Crown Royal is the golden ticket. The grand champion at the Main Event was bred that way as well. This guy has really started to imerge as a stud in the past couple weeks. He's built right starting at the ground with the big paws and and really pulled apart in the bottom third of his skeleton. The rack and touch these Gambino x Crowns have is off the charts. If you need a thick one take a look!
Consignor:Oakes Club Lambs - Boone, IA
Consignor Phone:Heath Oakes 515-230-7128
Consignor Website:Click Here to View Consignor Website
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Delivery:Pickup at the farm. Complimentary delivery to the Corp/ Black & White and points along the way. Call to discuss other options prior to sale closing.
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